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COPE Class

Fee Information

Enrollment into the COPE Program requires a $50.00 administrative fee. 
There is no sliding scale discount for the administrative fee.

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In addition to the $50 administrative fee, there is a weekly payment is due before each group session.

The cost of weekly sessions is $50.00 per session unless you qualify for the COPE Sliding Fee Scale.   If you qualify for one of the lower fees on the sliding scale, you will be required to provide proof of your income on the first night of your class.  

Acceptable forms of documentation include the following:

    •  proof of public benefits,
    •  a current copy of your court income and expense declaration,
    •  a current pay stub showing your year-to-date earnings, or
    • tax forms showing your current income and expense statement for the year.
To use the sliding scale for a lower fee in COPE, first identify the correct couple code which corresponds to your income in the below box.   Remember this code, which must be entered correctly, at the END of checkout.   You will be given the correct discount when you pay for the session. Bring your proof of income to your first class.  It will be verified by the instructor at that time.

Payments can be made in class by prior arrangement with the class instructor. Once the payment is made online, parents will be able to download the weekly reading and homework for course.  If the payment is made by check or cash in class, the reading and homework will be emailed to them.  

If a participant is more than one week behind on payment, he/she will be terminated from the class and must repeat the entire court ordered program at the next scheduled session.

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To Pay Your Class Fee and Download Your Book

Gross Discount Weekly Total
Monthly Income Coupon Code Fee Fee

$  1,021.00 - $  1,730.99


$  15.00

$  120.00

$  1,731.00 - $  2,084.99


$  20.00

$  180.00

$  2,085.00 - $  3,500.99


$  25.00

$  200.00

$  3,501.00 - $  4,500.99


$  35.00

$  280.00

$  4,501.00 - $  6,000.99


$  40.00

$  320.00

$  6,001.00 and up


$  50.00

$  400.00


Type in the above discount couple code during the checkout process and your fee will be automatically reduced by the appropriate amount.  

The coupon code must be entered correctly for the discount to work properly.

We do not accept cash or personal check.

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